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Although college students should have health insurance, it is not necessarily best to purchase the college or university student health insurance that is sold by the institution. Why? You may be able to find much better alternatives elsewhere.

Many student medical insurance policies provide less protection when compared to other health insurance plans. Individual and group insurance policies purchased through companies like United Health One and Blue Cross often provide more substantial coverage than the policies marketed through schools.

A student health insurance policy may have benefit limits that can mean that your child gets less care than he or she should. The information about these limits is in the contract, but few people read or understand their insurance forms.

In addition to dollar limits on medical services, the policy may also require that your child stay enrolled in school to qualify for coverage. The contract may also have age-based requirements.

This can mean that your child is no longer covered when they need care. An illness could cause them to drop out of school and this could mean that they the policy no longer pays to treat that illness.

Is There a Better Option?

Cheap Student Health Insurance Through a Parent's Policy

If your child is already covered by your group or family health insurance plan, you may want to keep them on the policy. You should be able to keep your child on your policy until he or she is age 26.

This is a federal mandate that applies to most health insurance plans. Instead of buying Alaska student health insurance, for example, you can keep your child insured on your Alaska health plan until age 26.

This will probably give your child a better policy than a typical low cost health insurance for college students that many companies market. However, there is a downside.

Your child will eventually be too old to stay on the policy. If your child develops a medical condition between now and when he or she turns 26, they may be uninsurable afterwards.

“Regular” Health Insurance Coverage for Your Student

If you purchase a separate policy for them now, you avoid this problem. In addition, the coverage may be less expensive.

Regardless of which option you choose, be sure that you make sure that your student has access to doctors and hospitals when they are studying at school and when they travel home. This only applies to non-emergency care. Most polices will waive the "out of network" clause when emergency care is needed.

Please use the questionnaire at the top of the page to request health insurance quotes for your student. Our site can connect you with agents who can help you find affordable health insurance for your student and your family.

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